Diabetic insole

Self-molding two layered Diabetic Insole is specially designed to relieve pressure on sensitive foot areas. If you have diabetes or any skin disorder that requires your foot to remain friction-free, try the insoles medical professionals widely recommend to protect sensitive feet from pressure. Anatomically advanced with two layers of cushioning our Diabetic Insole molds to the shape of your foot for even weight distribution thus providing optimum comfort for the sensitive feet.

Top layer: PLASTAZOTE®
Prevents friction and skin irritation thus creating multiple foot protection. Plastazote® is used in medicine and orthopedics and it is recommended for those suffering from diabetes.

Bottom layer: VISCOLAT
Provides an even weight distribution. It uses your own body heat to mold the insole and evenly distribute weight.
After use it assumes its original shape.

It is highly absorbant which helps your foot to stay dry even on a rainy day.
Due to its compress/decompress effect, it provides a two-way air circulation in your shoe. This is possible thanks to the specific fabric structure based on connected cells method. Thanks to its high elasticity feature, this insole provides shock absorption effect thus reducing and remedying joint fatigue.