TIPS Ltd Products Massaging insole
Massaging insole

Comfortable and relaxing, this mildly lemon scented insole is intended for long walks.

It consists of three layers.                                                    

Top layer: Cotton

Absorbs moisture keeping your feet dry.

Central layer: Latex balls provide a massaging effect and improve poor circulation.

Bottom layer: Made of viscoelastic material which provides an even weight distribution.

After use it assumes its original shape.
It is highly absorbant which helps your foot to stay dry even on a rainy day. Due to its compress/decompress effect, it provides a two-way air circulation in your shoe. This is possible thanks to the specific fabric structure based on connected cells method.

Thanks to its high elasticity feature, this insole provides shock absorption effect thus reducing and remedying joint fatigue. It uses your own body heat to mold the insole in order to fit you perfectly.
Try our Massaging Lemon Scented Insoles and you will fill like you are walking barefoot in the sand.