TIPS Ltd Products Memo Aloe Vera insole
Memo Aloe Vera insole

A unique self-molding dual-layer orthotic. Its top layer is made of a durable 100% microfiber fabric which makes it highly puncture resistant yet very comfortable in contact with skin.

Bottom layer: is made of viscolat memory foam with an Aloe Vera extract.

Thanks to its high elasticity feature, this insole provides shock absorption thus reducing and remedying joint fatigue.

The memory foam provides an even pressure distribution to prevent foot pain and fatigue. It automatically adjusts to your foot due to its ability to learn the shape of your foot while you walk. Insole flexibility increases with the foot temperature. It improves poor circulation beacuse the pressure is equally distributed to a whole surface. After use it assumes its original shape.

It is highly absorbant which helps your foot to stay dry even on a rainy day. Due to its compress/decompress effect, it provides a two-way air circulation in your shoe. This is possible thanks to the specific fabric structure based on connected cells method.